Associazione Domenico Scarlatti - Napoli - produzione


Orchestra da Camera di Napoli - I Solisti dell'Orchestra da Camera di Napoli. Naples Chamber Orchestra, both in the soloist and in the chamber formation, is formed by musicians who come from very important experiences with the main chamber orchestras in the national and international musical outlines boasting many collaborations with the main soloists and the greatest contemporary conductors.

Naples Chamber Orchestra’s interpretation is part of the genre of the “historically informed performances”: ( presuming to ) know how they play at that time, without fixing the distressing aim of reaching an eighteenth century “way”, when all the other conditions, of execution, listening and enjoyment of this kind of music, are changed. After some decades during which the philological anxiousness, among all the merits, has made concrete the risk to sterilize the executive brightness, we can appreciate the autonomy of this choice. The sonorities spread widely, the orchestra underlines with the proper attention not only the alternation of the “piano” and of the “forte”, but also their different gradations, it shows the expressing value of the “rallentando” and of the “diminuendo”, it knows the pleasure of the singing indulging and of the “messa di voce” as well as the happiness of the unexpected narrative accelerations. It harmonizes, accompanies and answers to the soloist emersions, it embosses in a right relief the wind instruments’ presence. These merits can be added to the care and the happy idea to restore these lost pages to our knowledge.